Hello 👋🏽, I am Jaromir

Jaromír Červenka

I am a full-stack developer with an emphasis on back-end and infrastructure technologies.

I work remotely and in an async manner.

Senior Ruby & Elixir developer at Inline Manual Ltd (since 2019)
Previous experience
Co-founder of Virt.io VPS Hosting (10 years)
Lead Ruby developer at Enrian Partners a.s. (5 years)
Avionics software developer & lecturer at SPEEL Prague Ltd (7 years)

My work helps the following organizations

Tools and hobbies

Elixir and Phoenix, Infrastructure, Linux, Virtualization (KVM), Mechanical Keyboards, Musical instruments (tenor sax, piano, synths), Rock climbing, Amateur music production, Avionics, Paragliding, Motorbiking.

Contact me

Email: jaromir@cervenka.io
Ask me for my phone number to reach me via Signal.