I am a full-stack developer with emphasis on the back-end and infrastructure technologies.

Also ...
Senior Ruby & Elixir developer at Inline Manual Ltd
Paragliding pilot & motorbike lover
Previous experience
Co-founder of Virt.io
Lead Ruby developer at Enrian Partners a.s.
Avionics software developer & lecturer at SPEEL Prague Ltd

Tools and interests

Elixir and Phoenix, Ruby , DevOps, Fintech, Git, Linux, Virtualization (KVM, libvirt), Musical instruments (alto / tenor sax, piano, synths), Amateur music production, Flying, Avionics

My work helps following organisations

Contact me

Email: jaromir@cervenka.io
Phone: +420 607 592 687
Skype: Cervajz.com
You can also reach me over Telegram & Signal